Eugene + George Consulting Limited is a front-line Human Resource Company, providing world-class services to a wide range of clients. We possess the skills-set that combines both deep industry understanding and sector experiences with a creative insight-driven approach.

Our skills span a wide range of capabilities:

Executive Search (Headhunting)
Filling vacancies at the Senior Management levels requires a discreet process of personal approach to candidates and very conscious assessments and referencing. We source candidates for Senior Executives and highly specialised positions for organisations.

Recruitment & Selection:
We understand the enormous importance of having the right employees and its implications for the bottom line. Strategic business plans normally give impetus to HR Planning and this is supported by a recruitment and selection process.  

Job Interview Session

We combine traditional and modern tools  –  advertise recruitment of both senior and specialist positions through campaigns and the use of our job portal and other social media platforms to complement same with curriculum vitae from our database to effectively manage the responses, filter the applications, and applicants, shortlist candidates, screen/ identify, evaluate and decide through interviews/ test job candidates to refer to our clients for engagement.

Human Capital & Organisational Development:
We assist organisations to review their Human Capital policies and procedures and provide a concise and industry-related personnel systems and procedures manual, conduct job evaluations and organisational development surveys and remuneration, personnel audit and administrative management systems etc.

Research & Economic Studies:

We conduct research into bordering issues on a wide range of economic and social issues with the object of proffering solutions and also carry out surveys on investment opportunities, feasibility studies/ investment evaluations, etc.

Training & Development:

We assist organisations to identify and analyse their training needs with a view to fixing the performance gap by designing training and manpower development programmes specific to the orgainisation, industry, and sector.

Outsourcing Services:

Eugene + George Consulting provides outsourcing services. We provide staff to organisations to handle those non-core functions and allow them to concentrate on their areas of core competencies. This is cost-effective, stress-free, and of utmost benefit to the organisation.

Digital Media Marketing:

It is no longer news today that customers and indeed the world live in the digital space and we find ways to reach and capture them. We assist organisations to expose their brands to the world using digital technologies,  putting their businesses in front and centre along the customers’ routes.

Reference Checks:

We do not underestimate or ignore the information obtainable from reference checks to avoid the pitfalls of negligent hiring claims. Before placement, we investigate staff to provide records and confirm their suitability for employment. We check to verify and confirm employee-to-be references before hiring to in turn give the employer assurance about whom they are to engage.


  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Reliability

To be a leading Human Resource consulting firm in Africa, employing top talents, and providing life-changing innovative solutions to organisations.

To create impactful interventions in our clients’ businesses and improve their bottom lines.